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Dear Montana Surf Families,

One of the most important gifts we give to our son, Jack, each year is our contribution to The Montana Surf Annual Fund. The gift of teamwork, sportsmanship and health matters now more than ever, and it is a priority for our family.

When we, as a community, give our gifts to The Montana Surf Annual Fund, we gift scholarships to dozens of Montana Surf players who receive financial assistance, we gift our beloved coaches and staff salaries that are in the 90th percentile for our region, and we gift all of our players rich and diverse programming year round. These are gifts that matter, and gifts that make a difference.

We hope you will join us in supporting our community during this year’s Montana Surf Annual Fund campaign. Let’s work together to get to 100% participation!

We celebrate and appreciate the generosity of each and every Surf family and all of the many ways you give to the club.


Cate Wright

Surf Parent and Annual Fund Chair

[email protected]



Q: Don’t team fees cover the full cost of running Montana Surf Soccer Club?

No. Fees only cover 75% of our operating budget. The Montana Surf Annual Fund, like annual funds at most non-profit organizations, is designed to make up for that difference. Our goal for the 2021 Montana Surf Annual Fund is $50,000.

Q: What does my gift support?

Gifts are important to every aspect of Montana Surf Soccer Club. Philanthropic support allows Montana Surf to attract and retain outstanding coaches, strengthen the Scholarship program, provide rich and diverse soccer programming year round, offer our coaches education and enrichment designed to enhance player experiences, and purchase quality equipment. The Montana Surf Annual Fund enhances every aspect of Montana Surf every day.

Q: How much money goes towards scholarships?

A: The Soccer Education Foundation/DBA Montana Surf is a 501c3 non-profit organization and receives no financial support from the government. Historically, $20,000 from our budget is allocated to financial assistance each year.

Q: Why not raise fees to cover the cost of the program?

A: As the Gallatin Valley grows and the cost of living and doing business here increases, we feel that it is crucial to keep our programs affordable for all families. Player fees plus a strong Annual Fund enable the Club to meet the immediate costs of our best-in-class programming. Support also allows Montana Surf to achieve a socio-economically diverse player population, while also attracting and retaining the best and most talented coaches and staff.

Q: How much should we give:

A: Our goal is 100% participation and your gift – of whatever amount – helps us to meet that goal. Donations range from $5 to more than $25,000. Gifts of all amounts are greatly appreciated. High levels of participation in the Annual Fund demonstrate community support.

Q: When do you need our contributions?

A: We encourage families to give by year’s end, December 31, 2022, which is when our fiscal year ends.

Q: Does Montana Surf accept matching gifts?

A: Absolutely. Montana Surf is grateful to corporations that support the club through generous matching programs. This kind of corporate support can make a significant difference in our fundraising efforts, doubling or tripling the size of your gift. Please contact your employer’s Human Resources department for information on matching gifts to non-profits.

Q: What are the giving levels?


Champions League $25,000+

Premier League $10,000-$24,999

National Team $5,000-$9,999

ODP $2,500-$4,999

Surf Select $1,000-$2,499

Competitive $500-$999

Academy $100-$499

Rec Team 0-$99


Cate Wright

Montana Surf Volunteer Fund Chair

[email protected]