Montana’s first ever Omega Ball Tournament! 

Omega Ball is played on a circular field measuring 175 feet in diameter, about half the size of a traditional soccer field.  Games are extremely fast paced, with three teams of five players, three goals, no throw-ins (corner kicks only) and no offsides.

Each game consists of three 13-minute periods and uses a traditional soccer ball.

During matches, each team tries to score in either of the other two opponent’s goals while defending their own. “Cherry Picking” is encouraged and players on teams not in possession of the ball can steal the ball and score at any moment. Play is fast paced and resumes immediately after an out-of-bounds play or a score. If you love the game of soccer this is a tournament you can’t miss! Are you ready to ride the wave?


August 17- 18, 2024
(Option for August 16th Local teams only)


$300 per team (Roster Min = 5, Max = 8)
Teams must register team name.


Girls Youth: 2016 – 2007
Boys Youth: 2016 – 2007



Registration coming soon! 

  • One Field
    • Three Goals
  • Three teams
    • 5 players per team
  • No Offsides
    • Cherry picking – encouraged
  • No Throw-ins
    • Only corner kicks
  • Quick Restarts
    • Keeping the pace of play fast