At Montana Surf, we focus on building strong teams made up of kind, dedicated players with growth mindsets and a passion for youth sports. The Montana Surf Board of Directors is currently looking for a key player to join our team: a Registrar.  This critical position is charged with managing the registration process for our players and families. Ideal candidates will have excellent organizational and people skills and will characterize themselves as “team players.” Please see the job description below. If you are interested in learning more about the position or would like to apply please contact the Montana Surf at 406-600-8146. 


Montana Surf Registrar Job Description 


Job Title / Date

Registrar  6/21/2022


Department/Business Unit Supervisor 

Montana Surf Operations  Montana Surf Board Co-Presidents


Purpose of Job 

Registrar is a critical position for the Montana Surf Soccer Club. The objective of the  operations department is to make every interaction with the club a memorable experience.  The registrar contributes heavily to that task by providing services to enroll soccer players in  the club quickly and safely.  

Club registration is the first experience for families joining the club and must be a positive  interaction that instills participants’ confidence in the operation of the programs. Therefore,  Montana Surf maintains quick responsiveness to inquiries regarding registration, coaching,  team management, referee coordination, complaints, and board requests.



Organize and support the entire registration process, including new players, transfers,  rosters, player cards, and guest player 

Support and troubleshoot online registration systems, Safesport compliance, and  credentialing of players/coaches and anyone interacting with youth. 

Assist team managers with TeamSnap, registration, rules, and communication Manage all communication with coaches concerning registration, online software, team  formation, and deadlines. 

Handle the organization and logistics of Montana Surf Soccer Club hosted tournaments. Work with the bookkeeper to keep registration accounts, chargebacks, and refunds in  order 

Track work by the hour and report to bookkeeper 

Maintain flexibility to assist with last minute roster changes when needed Other duties as assigned


Job Qualifications 

Excellent people skills 

Work independently to manage tasks 

Work without supervision 

Computer literacy: computer operations, related software, and office equipment – MS  Office (Word, Excel, PPT

Strong writing skills 

Adept at learning new software 

Experienced at training others how to use software


Created by: Montana Surf Board Human Resources Committee 

Created/updated on: 6/21/2022 

Human Resources approval: 6/21/2022 

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